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Joshua Tree National Park


Don’t let the name fool you; Joshua Tree National Park has much more to offer than just the up stretched arms of the Joshua tree. Located only eight miles from the hotel, you can get a first person view of the collision of two different deserts that make up this 800,000 acre national treasure. The park’s elevation ranges from 900-5,000 ft and hosts five different oases. The Eastern half of the park is part of the Colorado Desert and if you head west you enter the cooler, wetter climate of the Mojave Desert. Although this park didn’t gain National Park status until 1994, visitors have been coming through this area for hundreds of years and inhabitants can be traced back some 5,000 years. With this much history in the area, there is much to do: backpacking, hiking, stargazing, or enjoying any of the nature trails just to name a few. If you’re up for a challenge, then you can take on any of the 400 rock climbing formations! Rangers are also available to give guided tours of the Key’s Ranch Homestead and give you the back-story on Bill and Frances Key’s Desert Queen Ranch history. Many historical buildings from this time still stand! Make sure to call ahead and reserve your ticket to this must-see tour.


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