History of the Harmony Motel

Harmony Motel

The Harmony has been a haven and welcome surprise to many travelers over the years. This Roadside Refuge founded in 1952 offers a simple rustic elegance and a great deal of history (including the rock band U2‘s stay here when worked on the Joshua Tree album).

This comfortable and charming exterior corridor style motel is built on 1.8 acre hilltop, overlooking the city of Twenty-nine Palms (minutes away from the down-town of the city).  The motels rural and rustic feel complements the Joshua Tree National Park.  Harmony Motel is located minutes away from the historical headquarters of Joshua Tree National Park (the east entrance from Highway 62).

This roadside motel’s historical sign, especially by the name “Harmony” and the” music notes” add character to the identity of the motel. 

This signage is not only the history of the communities in the higher desert but had become iconic, when the iconic rock band U2, visited the Harmony and did a photo shoot with the sign as a backdrop, during the making of their groundbreaking album “THE JOSHUA TREE”. The photographer that did the shoot was world famous Anton Kobin . 

The sign together with the history of the motel provides an ambience of romance, harmony and musical celebration.  It also has become an inspiration to many artists that lodge at the motel.  The Harmony has hosted Hollywood — films crews such as the   making of Crazy Beautiful and Route 66.  The Harmony also features in these movies and many more.

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