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Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree Music Festival

The Joshua Tree Music Festival boasts a family-friendly lineup of musicians and entertainers. Located in the Mojave Desert, this 4 day festival is hosted by a group of committed family and friends who believe in the inspiration of music. The festival occurs twice a year, drawing near 4,000 attendees. You won’t see the well-known artists on the lineup for Joshua Tree, but the hope is for attendees to go home with a new favorite act that they discovered in the desert.


What makes this festival popular is its alternating stage schedule, ensuring that you won’t have to figure out what to see without missing other performances. In addition, attendees can take advantage of more than a dozen instructor-led yoga classes or visual art exhibits showcasing everything from painted murals and sculptors to projected visuals. Once you’ve received a wristband, the festival has a flexible come-and-go policy, allowing you to venture out to Joshua Tree’s amazing hikes and views.

Joshua Tree Music Festival is easily accessible by car. It is within half a day’s drive from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Phoenix. For accommodations, check out Harmony Motel, located in Twentynine Palms, CA just minutes away from the east entrance to the Joshua Tree National Park.

Visit Joshua Tree Lake RV and Campground

The Joshua Tree Lake RV and Campground offer a rustic camping experience for the whole family in Joshua Tree. Experience with great fishing & great prices. Located southern edge of the Mojave Desert provides great desert vista, the unique shape of Joshua trees and the huge rocks that surround them draw tourists and scientists alike to the national park.  Hot showers, clean restrooms, a little play area for kids to hang out next to the campground and a small fishing lake fully stocked with many fishes. Great fishing with catch and release only Large Mouth Bass and the option to catch and keep Blue-Gill, Mud and Channel Catfish and our newest addition, Black Koi fish.



Monday to Sunday: 8:00 am – 8:30 pm

Camping prices are as follows:

RV camping with Power and Water and RV dump station use-$30/ double occupancy.

RV without hookups-$20/ double occupancy and RV dump station use $5 and water fill-up- $3 when camping without hookups.

Tent Camping- $10 per person.

Day rates for $7 for the campground and $1/ person for the lake for uses like daytime off-roading and picnicking.

RV dump station use without camping-$10 and water fill-up- $3

Showers for non-campers- $5/ person.

Fishing prices are as follows:

Adult entry fee- $7.50/ person

Children 12 and under- $4/ person

Desert Queen Mine In Joshua Tree National Park

This short desert hike visits a gold mine that operated profitably for decades on land now protected by Joshua Tree National Park. An overlook across from the mine is reachable via an easy 0.7-mile round trip trail, and the excursion can be extended to 1.6 miles by crossing a canyon to the mine itself.

It leads a half mile to the mine ruins, tailings pile and shafts of the Desert Queen gold mine. This mine operated from 1895 to 1961, with several periods of inactivity. A fork in the trail will take visitors to an overlook of the mine property and to the mine site.


The gold mine was founded in 1894 by Frank L. James. It has a history of murder and payoffs as the profitable goldmine changed hands over the years until it fell into the hands of longtime desert resident and homesteader Bill Keys.

The National Park Service entered the Desert Queen Mine in the National Register of Historic Places. It is an excellent example of nineteenth century mining industry in southern California.

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Barker Dam near Joshua Tree National Park

Situated between Queen Valley and the Wonderland of Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park near the Wall Street Mill. It is a small foreign-looking reservoir constructed by early cattlemen and C.O. Barker in 1900.  Barker Dam is a pioneer built dam to store water for cattle.  It is a gathering place for desert wildlife, including many species of birds and Desert Bighorn Sheep.  It was raised in 1949 by rancher William F. Keys. Hikers of all abilities will enjoy this level 1.5-mile hike. The water can all but disappear during the dry season, so make a point to visit this trail in the winter and spring. The return portion of the loop has some rock scrambling, and goes by ancient petroglyphs etched in the rock. In this area you will encounter a variety of interesting scenery as open flats, granite boulders, a seasonal reservoir, a cliff bearing Indian petroglyphs, and many species of desert plants including plenty of Joshua trees. Besides the excellent scenery this is also a popular rock climbing location, as the sheer granite boulders provide many short but challenging pitches, and there are several notable sites a short distance along the trail.


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Joshua Tree Visitor Center

The best place to stop and get information before entering the park. The Visitor Center is a must stop for first-time visitors to the park. You will find the rangers are friendly and always full of helpful advice.

The little gift store offers lots of kids’ desert books and various field guides. They also sell post cards, tchotchkes, hats, t-shirts and, more importantly, bottled water. Joshua Tree National Park encompasses more than 500,000 acres of California desert.

Seasonal and Occasional Events at Joshua Tree:

Star Parties

Wildflower Watching


Rock Climbing


Hours of operation:

Monday – Sunday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

The Joshua Tree Visitor Center in the town of Joshua Tree is just one small block south of Twentynine Palms Highway. If you are going to a National Park, you should go to a visitor center and get a guide plus some expert advice on what to see.


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Enjoy Your Trip in Joshua Tree National Park!

At the point when the sun goes down, the general population cluster around the pit fires. Be that as it may, in the event that you are courageous and have an adoration to see the night stars, the night is an otherworldly time to investigate or to just back off and respect the light of the universe in the night sky. Joshua Tree National Park in California is an incredible spot. The region of the Mojave Desert now known as Joshua Tree National Park attracted a variety of human inhabitants over the years.


There is a great deal of intriguing history in Joshua Tree National Park, similar to old gold mines and Native America locales. Crown Prince Lookout highlights another time of the recreation center’s history, when a notice station for World War II planes was situated on a rock arrangement close to today’s disregard. The post and a second close-by perspective can be come to by means of a simple 3.25-mile round trek climb up an old jeep trail. With additional exertion, you can stone up rock arrangements to find more extensive perspectives alongside the remaining parts of the old perception post. There is just around 50 feet of rise change between the high and low purposes of this trek, permitting you to make a lively climb to amazing perspectives.


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Fun Spot near Joshua Tree National Park

If you have been thinking for a holiday in Joshua Tree National Park then come and discover all the fun vacation spots near Joshua Tree National Park to have exciting time. This is the spot to go in the event that if you love rock climbing.

Explore following Joshua Tree National Park nearby attractions:

International Banana Museum: Salton Sea’s funniest museum International Internal Banana Museum. Leave yourself to the most attractive destination and enjoy one of the world popular banana shakes and ice cream lover can taste banana soda ice cream floats. It has become one of the most visited site.

The Living Desert: Started in 1970 the Living Desert is serving to save and monitor the desert’s numerous plant, creature life alongside getting creatures from all around the globe. The Living Desert situated in Palm Desert, California is only a couple of miles from Palm Springs.

Cornelia White House: The Cornelia White House was assembled in 1893, and is made completely of “recycled” railroad ties taken from under the Palmdale Railroad’s tracks.

Moorten Botanical Garden: The popular Palm Springs Historical Landmark was built in 1938. While your visit in the Moorten Botanical Garden you will experience many cactus and it is also one of the main attractions in the garden.

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Joshua Tree National Park


Don’t let the name fool you; Joshua Tree National Park has much more to offer than just the up stretched arms of the Joshua tree. Located only eight miles from the hotel, you can get a first person view of the collision of two different deserts that make up this 800,000 acre national treasure. The park’s elevation ranges from 900-5,000 ft and hosts five different oases. The Eastern half of the park is part of the Colorado Desert and if you head west you enter the cooler, wetter climate of the Mojave Desert. Although this park didn’t gain National Park status until 1994, visitors have been coming through this area for hundreds of years and inhabitants can be traced back some 5,000 years. With this much history in the area, there is much to do: backpacking, hiking, stargazing, or enjoying any of the nature trails just to name a few. If you’re up for a challenge, then you can take on any of the 400 rock climbing formations! Rangers are also available to give guided tours of the Key’s Ranch Homestead and give you the back-story on Bill and Frances Key’s Desert Queen Ranch history. Many historical buildings from this time still stand! Make sure to call ahead and reserve your ticket to this must-see tour.


Joshua Tree National Park: The Perfect Travel Destination!

Those who are looking for great incredible treks, rock climbing, rappelling, and the interesting Joshua tree, this park has much to offer. Shocking rock arrangements rise plentifully from the desert park ready for a scramble, climb or rappel. The Joshua Tree National Park incorporates numerous species, trees, plant and endless exploration territory. To demonstrate these exploration comes about, the historical center is has accumulations of winged animals, warm blooded animals, reptiles, creepy crawlies, and paleontological examples like herbarium examples and mining, homesteading, and ancient American Indian antiques; managerial documents and photos, and compelling artwork.


Joshua Tree National Park is situated at the southern edge of the Mojave Desert where it meets the Sonoran Desert, and where the rises range from under 1,700 feet in the Pinto Basin to more than 5,800 feet on Quail Mountain. What’s more, it is those higher rises that will see the 2 percent to 10 percent of the Joshua trees that are relied upon to survive this century. Likewise at danger are the pinyon pines that now prosper in numerous parts of the recreation center. The recreation center administration cautions that a percentage of the reptile species have come as far as possible, as far as atmosphere, inside which they can survive. Joshua Tree’s mankind’s history initiated at some point after the last ice age with the landing of the Pinto individuals, seeker gatherers who may have been a piece of the Southwest’s most punctual societies.

The spot was named as Joshua Tree National Park by a band of Mormons who crossed the Mojave Desert in the mid-nineteenth century, the tree’s remarkable shape helping them to remember a Biblical story in which Joshua achieves his hands up to the sky.

On the off chance that you plan to investigate the recreation center by mountain bicycle, you would be shrewd to stay away from the fundamental cleared streets, which are tight and without shoulders. You’ll discover far more noteworthy isolation and wellbeing cycling the recreation center’s backcountry soil streets, huge numbers of which, similar to those in Queen Valley, date from the region’s nineteenth century residence and gold mining time. Make certain to gain solid data from central station about your course, nonetheless, as delicate sand and infrequent steep ascensions can make for burdensome accelerating.

Overall, Joshua Tree National Park experience would be magical. The place is getting visited by its tourist throughout the year. However Most suitable temperatures are in the spring and if you visit the place during your holiday time the place has so much to offer, including natural beauty, natural scene and adventure with plenty. The place has so much where you can enjoy holidays to the fullest.

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Joshua Tree National Park – Twentynine Palms

The Joshua Tree National Park is located in the southeastern part of California, about 2 hours east of Los Angeles and 4 hours west of Phoenix, AZ via Interstate 10.  As you must have already figured out, the park is named after those weirdly-shaped, yet very beautiful, Joshua trees that dominate the area.  Promoted to a US National Park in 1994, it includes parts of the higher Mojave Desert and lower Colorado Desert.  Aside from the Joshua trees, there are several impressive rock formations plus an ocotillo and cholla cactus gardens.

Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect getaway for those in the Los Angeles, San Diego or Las Vegas areas. This desert park is home to numerous varieties of plants and animals that brave the climatic extremes and unpredictable rain. Even the park’s namesake, the Joshua tree, resides here and blooms in the spring. With almost 800,000 acres (3, 23,748.5 hectares) of land and three ecosystems surviving within it, you just might catch a glimpse of a California Mountain Lion stalking its prey or a California Desert Bat flying overhead. If you’re looking for an overnight adventure be sure to check out one of the nine campgrounds, but if spending the night in the desert isn’t your cup of tea, stop by the ranger’s office to find out about the guided and unguided tours available.

The park is amazing… absolutely beautiful. Like an adult playground and you can climb all the rocks and boulders you want. Joshua tree also has plenty to do besides bouldering. There are great hikes, nicely paved roads for biking and well maintained campgrounds for camping! If you want to camp at Joshua Tree, be sure to buy your camping permit well in advance.

This is the place to go if you love rock climbing and bouldering. There is a lot of history here from the earlier days with the settlers and so there are quite a few mines and other places to explore. It is just magical to watch the sunset here definitely a must see!!  Beautiful, quiet, calm, serene, and breathtaking.

One of the most beautiful and otherworldly places in California, this park is worth the drive. The scenery includes forests of Joshua tree and unbelievable, massive, rock piles. First of all, pack water and a picnic lunch. There’s nothing to buy in the park. No cell phone service and no ranger station either. You’re on your own. There are a lot of picnic tables though, so it’s a great place to enjoy a packed lunch. If you want to avoid sunburn wear sunscreen and a hat even in the winter, and bring a warm coat. Temperatures drop quickly in the high desert.

Stop at the visitor center before entering the park for free maps and advice from the friendly rangers. They also sell water, guide books and hats.


There are three entrances to the park. The south entrance takes you through miles of flat desert. The spectacular scenery is closest to the northern entrances. Expect to pay $15 per car to enter the park. There are dozens of hiking trails in the park. Cap Rock and Hidden Valley trail are both considered easier nature trails and they’re both good for families with young kids. Cap Rock is a short, completely flat, one-third-of-a-mile loop past gigantic rocks. Its wheel chair & stroller accessible. Hidden Valley is a gem. There are lots of rock steps on the manicured trail through gorgeous scenery in, literally, a hidden valley.

The park is huge, so if you can stay more than one day, you definitely should! The Joshua tree national park  is so cool looking; they look like a cross between a cactus and another tree of some kind. This place shows the beauty of the desert. There some really cool rock formations here. Arch Rock, Skull Rock, and Jumbo Rocks are a few of the exhibits we visited. Hidden Valley is one of the first ones you come across entering the park. Stop your car here and have fun climbing onto the rocks!

This place is beautiful in the peaceful desert. A ton to see and do here. However, you can hit the highlights in a full day.

The trails are well marked and all the major attractions like Skull Rock, Barker Dam, Ryan Ranch House among others seem to be off of Park Blvd, the main drag thru the northern half of the park.  There are some locations like Lost Horse Mine and the Wall Street Mill is a hike though…

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