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Achtung Baby! – Stay at The Harmony Motel if you are a U2 fan!

Attention U2 Rock Band Fans.  Did you know that Joshua Tree, one of U2’s most famous albums, reflects in the heritage of the Harmony Motel, located in 29 Palms at the doorstep to Joshua Tree National Park? Well, now you know!


In 2003, this motel was neglected and found its way to be listed on eBay!  Now owned by Ash and lovingly restored to the glamour of the 1950s complete with the restored motel signage which found its way on the original U2 band cover for the Joshua Tree album.

In December 1987, the band stopped and stayed at Harmony Motel while on a roadtrip through the California desert to take photos for its album cover.  According to the designer of the album sleeve, Steve Averill, the band wanted to capture the part of the United States where “nature and industrialization meet”. The Harmony Motel hosted The Band for an evening and room #4 was where the gang convened for meetings to plan their shoot.

If you stay at Harmony Motel in 29 Palms, you will be part of rock history.  Try and recreate the amazing album cover art and photography by visiting where U2 explored locally for the Joshua Tree album art and stay at our quaint, quirky, AND historic motel!  Book directly at www.harmonymotel.com.

Explore Moorten Botanical Garden

This landmark botanical garden has been delighting Palm Springs visitors for more than 60 years, and is sometimes used in films. Proudly proclaiming itself the “World’s First Cactarium”, the garden includes 3,000 fine examples of desert cacti and other desert plants in a quirky Wild West setting.


Some of the desert turtles were stolen which is not very nice for a classic institution in Palm Springs. It is on the south end of town on the way to Indian canyons.

Working Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Turtledoves, hummingbirds, lizards and other small wild creatures also make impromptu appearances among the rocks and plants. Many unusual botanical specimens are for sale, along with other souvenirs.

This garden has amazing cacti. It looks a little rustic from the street, but step into the garden and be amazed at the cactus plantings. Small place that is filled with all kinds of cacti and succulents. This place is so beautiful, calm, and wonderful! Do yourself a favor and visit it.

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Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum – This museum is surely not from the ordinary lot, as it displays its sculptures amidst a desert, which are all made from scrap and waste material. The creations are assemblage sculptures, that are made from an assortment of materials like burger wraps, glass chips, burnt wood and other such castoff material.

The displays often take on a different meaning in different weathers, adding to their unique value. These works of art are the creations of Noah Purifoy, who draws inspiration from the coarse environment of Mojave desert in California.


This is a great place to check out for all the art lovers heading to Joshua Tree! The space hosts a huge collection of sculptures made of found objects and random artifacts. You can spend a good hour here exploring the different pieces he’s created and taking pics.

This place is so unique. If you love modern art, if you love the desert, stranger things, this is a great place to visit. This outdoor museum creates such different world. It’s free to visit. This place is heavenly. Incredible sculptures in the middle of the dessert. Not to be missed.

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Explore Agua Caliente Tahquitz Visitor

Tahquitz canyon is an easy hike and very informative when a guide is used. Plant identification, discovery of the canyon by the natives and disappointing abuse in the 70s, and later by homeless individuals are just some of the topics explained by the excellent guides.


Tahquitz Canyon is one of the most beautiful spots in Palm Springs. There are hiking trails, water streams, picnic tables and the largest concentration of Palm Trees. There is a fee to enter the canyon. The views from different areas of the hike are beautiful. It is interesting to learn about the legend of Tahquitz and their people.

Working Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM

Tahquitz Canyon is a nice short hike for people of all ages. It is a two-mile loop with a waterfall and some nice views of the city below. A pleasant easy hike on well-marked and maintained trails. A very short drive from downtown Palm Springs, with a nice visitor center/gift shop where you pay your admission.

If you’re in the Palm Springs area, you’d be well advised to visit the Agua Caliente Tahquitz Canyon, and its lovely trail. The trail is a two-mile loop trail which leads to Tahquitz Falls and back. From the Visitor Center to the falls you will be gaining 350 feet in elevation, but it’s not too exhausting and you can do it easily in an hour or two.

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Cornelia White House: Popular Tourist Attraction

The Cornelia White House is a memorable 1893 wooden private structure situated in downtown Palm Springs, California, and is one of the most established surviving structures of any sort in the city. The wonderful spot was made with reused railroad ties taken from under the Palmdale Railroad’s tracks.


The Cornelia White House was manufactured beside the 1884 McCallum Adobe, itself eminent as the adobe home of the zone’s first European American pioneer, John McCallum, and in addition for being the first effective adobe structure in the upper Coachella Valley.

Since 1961 these two structures, today got poplar as the McCallum Adobe-Cornelia White House Museum, are coordinated by and the property of the Palm Springs Historical Society. The noteworthy houses, with different things of nearby history, for example, the most punctual phones in Palm Springs, are available for visitors to see and open to the general population to visit at 221 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs.

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Pico House: Explore Magnificent Tourist Attraction!

People plan for a traveling to holiday destination with a thinking about the types of tourist attractions like historical places, natural beauty, shopping, adventure, etc. will get to explore and to have the best lifetime experience. When you come to Twentynine Palms, California with your family, friends or loved ones don’t miss to check out this stunning and powerful attraction Pico House.


Pico House is a memorable point of interest situated in Downtown Los Angeles right opposite Olvera Street. In case you’re in the region, it’s a truly cool building to look at. Pico House was inherent the late 1800s and was the first extravagance lodging in Los Angeles.

The Pico House is a memorable building in Los Angeles, California, dating from its days as a residential area in Southern California. Situated on 430 North Main Street, it sits over the old Los Angeles Plaza from Olvera Street and El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument. The Pico House is recorded as a California Historical Landmark and a National Historic Landmark as a piece of the Los Angeles Plaza Historic District.

The Italianate lodging was the initial three-story workmanship building in Los Angeles (1869-70), manufactured by Pio Pico, the last Mexican legislative leader of California. This was the finest inn in the Southwest and was a veritable magnet for the remarkably rich. Parts of this building were redesigned in 1981 and 1992.

The Pico House’s three fundamental floors, passages, and yard are home to stories of strides being heard late around evening time and shadowy figures hanging over overhangs.

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Desert Christ Park

Desert Christ Park overlooks the high desert town of Yucca Valley in southern California. Here the guest may discover more than forty snow-white statues and pictures depicting scenes of Christ’s life and teachings.

download-11 (1)

Dedicated on Easter Sunday 1951, this park was the vision of Eddie Garver, known at the time as the Desert Parson. Through a series of events, the Desert Parson was introduced to artist-sculptor Frank Antone Martin, the creator of these remarkable works of steel-reinforced concrete, and together they began a journey that would span time and test, and produce one of California’s most iconic and historical parks.

Desert Christ Park spread nearly 3.5-acre of land sculpture garden in Yucca Valley, California. The recreation center was etched and made by Antone Martin, a previous air ship laborer who died in 1961 when he was 74 years old. Martin began chiseling the makes sense of steel-fortified concrete amid the tallness of the Cold War nuclear bomb panic of the mid-1940s, trusting that the figures would rouse worldwide peace. Figures incorporate The Twelve Apostles, Martha, Mary, heavenly attendants, and a 15-foot-tall, 3 ton statue of Jesus, reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro’s celebrated and much bigger peak Christ the Redeemer. The recreation center was dismissed somewhere around 1988 and 1996, while the ACLU sued San Bernardino County for division of chapel and state issues, after which a charitable establishment assumed control and remodeled the recreation center.

Desert Christ Park remain open during daylight hours each and every day of the year and travelers enjoy free entry. Desert Christ Park being maintained by Desert Christ Park Foundation, a non-benefit association, contained volunteers and represented through a chose Board. The Foundations mission is to safeguard the vision of the Parson and the Sculptor through intentional repair, change, and upkeep of the statues and grounds, guaranteeing this lofty articulation of peace and trust remains a huge commitment to California’s rich masterful history for eras to come.

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Sign up for a Desert Institute Class

Sign up for a Desert Institute Class


Take advantage of a wide range of programs that include educational adventures, seminars, family programs and courses on hiking, survival skills, creative arts in the park, natural science and cultural history. These courses enable participants to experience the park in an engaging way alongside expert instructors who provide a personal and fun learning experience on these educational experiences. Check out the Desert Institutes current class schedule online.

Joshua Tree National Park Association is a nonprofit organization formed to assist with preservation, education, historical and scientific programs for the benefit of Joshua Tree National Park and its visitors.

Harmony says thanks 29 Joshua Tree Gateway Community

joshua tree

29 palms Joshua tree gateway community

U2 famous sign

Harmony motel/in a Joshua tree gateway community

It’s 6.am, on this beautiful frosty November morning, at the Harmony Motel, my favorite part of my day. It is my time with the desert, and I savor every moment of desert’s luxurious mornings she graciously gives me each day. I am sitting at my favorite patio of the Harmony Motel with a cup of coffee, eagerly awaiting the Sun to make her majestic rise. She rises slowly and steadily this morning at dawn, spreading her beautiful rays of red and dark orange throughout the east side above the horizon, illuminating the sky with her brilliant colors. The sun is mesmerizing me as she turns into a deep golden yellow, allowing daylight to peep lazily onto the world.
The Sun creates an enlightening, warm, vivid picture of her full magnificence on the desert landscape. Her beauty is truly authentic, and she is not shy to flaunt this in front of me. I breathe in her rays of vitality, and she energizes my entire being, making me ready to experience a day full of joyous energy.
I smell the fresh earth of the desert, and I notice that the fig tree in the Harmony garden is shedding her dry leaves. The leaves are slowly falling to the ground in bright colors of deep yellow, gold and browns, reminding me that the vibrant fall is fully here. The leaves, colored in these earthy tones spread across the gardens, creating a gift wrap image, which echoes a crinkling sound as you walk on them. This natural decoration in the garden brings in the festive mood of the season, making thanks-giving a full reality in this quite harmonious world. Fall is my joyous season.
Ah!!! The great tradition of the American Thanks-Giving is …..”Setting aside time to give thanks for one’s blessings this is almost as old as the settlement of the North American continent itself,” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ American thanksgiving truncated).
This thanksgiving season I celebrate my tenth anniversary as the owner of the harmony motel. My heart is filled with gratitude, going down memory lane to the experiences I have had, as the owner. In the spirit of thanks, I share my story with you:
I am South African in Nationality, but my origins are East Indian. 12 years ago I emigrated from South Africa to the US. My choice to live in the US as a resident was made, when I tragically lost my mom to a brutal crime in South Africa (two years after my arrival in the US). My professional background when I left South Africa was in teaching/training and change management consultancy.
Hence, my move to the US presented me with significant challenges and changes, not only in location, (that is from one continent to another and every other problem that goes with being an immigrant). But more importantly a challenge in the evolution of my professional field.
I took over the ownership of the Harmony Motel in 2004. For me, it is and has been a labor of love. I have created a peaceful oasis that is a gateway to Joshua Tree National Park. During my remodeling, I was inspired and motivated by not only the location of the motel, but also by the history of this roadside motel, especially by the name “Harmony” and the” music notes” that adds character to the identity of the motel.
Together with my staff our goal is to ensure that this lodging facility is harmonious with its environment and that it provides a tranquil, joyous atmosphere to all our guests. We offer more than just the room experience that a traditional motel gives you.
The Harmony boasts a charming exterior corridor, with a front office courtyard that is designed in an L shape. The patios from the rooms offer our guests incredible views of the Joshua Tree Mountains and wilderness of the Mojave Desert. Our room offers all amenities of a traditional motel, with simple artistic décor and a home away from home experience. We have a refreshing cold pool, and a tantalizing hot tub to soak up and star gaze from.
Our guests meet our friendly desert critters that hang out in the gardens or on the grounds of the Harmony this provides a genuine desert wilderness experience. From the Harmony, our guests can experience amazing sunrises, sunsets, and different shades of desert light that makes the landscape authentic to the desert, full moons, and excellent stargazing opportunities.
Twenty-nine palms (a Joshua Tree Gateway Community) is the city in which the Harmony Motel is located; this is also a city in which the headquarters of Joshua Tree National Park, founded itself, known as the north entrance to the park. Many of the murals of this city reveal the pioneering history of this rural city. As a single female entrepreneur that has emigrated from one continent to another, I happily embrace this pioneering spirit.
To all my patrons and American friends that helped me become a success, I say thank you, and words cannot express the gratitude that I feel towards you, as I approach this 10th year anniversary, this December 2014.
I would like to extend a special thanks to the community of 29 palms for supporting the Harmony Motel and me, (as a single female foreigner investor that is ready to take her citizenship soon in the USA).

News Letter 2-On The Joshua Tree Region

End of Summer 2014-Newsletter 2

Published: Harmony Motel

Written By: Ash Maharaj

In the high desert, summer can feel endless with her sizzling sun-drenched days. As much as we complain about summers scorching temperatures in the desert, she produces a dry inviting heat that attracts people from all over the world, to experience her blazing heat that comforts the reptile in us.
We are, hopefully in the last quarter of summer in the Joshua tree region, as we experience sultry summer nights that give us breezy summer winds, and humid, sticky days, which invites all kinds of chirping, buzzing, and clicking exotic bugs. These bugs constantly sing their songs or impolitely chatter in every corner of our homes.
At the Harmony motel, I blissfully enjoy the last of the warm, delightful summer days, the beautiful cool refreshing mornings and the dramatic sunsets, that lead us into summer’s mysterious dark romantic nights( that embraces star strutted skies and unforgettable summer supermoons).
In particular, I enjoy summer’s spectacular lighting shows, that she always shows cases in the evenings, as a backdrop to the desert wilderness picture perfect landscapes, during her awesome desert storms.
The end of summer, signals to us the festivities of the last of summer and the beginning of the fall celebrations. We begin leisurely preparing for these festivities.
The Joshua Tree Gateway communities present to you, professional, entertaining and unique cultural events (that embraces the lifestyle of the communities). The Harmony Motel highlights, the following must experience events, for the month of August/September 2014


Joshua tree event

Bhakti Festival  September 4-7 of 2014:  Experience the magic of Yoga, traditional eastern music-(kirtrans ) at the: Metaphysical center in the high desert of Joshua Tree .

star gazing

sound baths

Integration – Sonic Geometry Events on September 6th, check this out at http://http://integratron.com/my-added-posts/events/

sky's the limit

star gazing

The Joshua Tree National Park boasts crystal clear skies that provide a magnificent galaxy of stars at night, which creates an ambience of mystical and romantic celebration. The night skies in the park and the surrounding high desert will make you delirious with joy when it showcase the brightest stars, planets and constellations of the universe especially in the summer nights. Visit sky’s the limit observatory and Nature Center http://www.skysthelimit29.org/our_history.html for a schedule of this August/September stargazing schedule.


star gazing

Visit us at the Harmony Motel for your star gazing experience. To make your stargazing experience memorable this summer we recommend the services of a professional team of telescope rentals that have just arrived in the high desert, yes they are “Coyote Telescope Rental of Joshua Tree!!!”

“The mission at Coyote Telescope is to enrich your visit to this unique place (that is Joshua Tree National Park and the surrounding high desert).Even if you do not know anything about telescopes, they have all the tools and equipment you need to experience a perfect night of star gazing, planet hunting and dark sky discovery. “The above paragraph is a quotation from a postcard of (Coyote Telescope Rental in Joshua tree).

Tortoise rock casino
29 palms, Joshua tree region.



“If Music be the food of love, play on” (William Shakespeare twelfth night),for the first time this August/September the new Tortoise Rock Casino, minutes away from the Harmony Motel, in the Joshua Tree Region, introduces its latest event, rock concert, check out the featured artists and dates at http://www.tortoiserockcasino.com/entertainment.html


Pappy & Harriet’s


The legendary Pappy Harriet’s Pioneer town Palace has been delighting locals and travelers alike since 1982, with its mesquite barbeque, live music, dancing and friendly service. Check out, their Music Line up for this August and September 2014 at http://pappyandharriets.com/events

For a great wilderness experience visit us at www.harmonymotel.com. The harmony is close to the landmark 49 palms oasis. One of the five Oasis of the Joshua Tree National Park, (great hiking trail that is 3 miles on a round trip). If you lucky, you will see the beautiful big horn sheep that hangout at the oasis, don’t forget to take a picnic basket with you.

Information on the events and description was taken from the respective web pages.