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29 palms Marine combat base views and interact with theatre of war Productions/Harmony Motel

Six Brilliant Actors, from the Theatre of the War Productions stayed at the Harmony Motel on the 09/21/10 and 09/22/10.  They preformed a reading for our marines from a play entitled Sophocles.

The aim of the production company

“Theater of War presents readings of Sophocles’ Ajax and Philoctetes to military communities across the United States. These ancient plays timelessly and universally depict the psychological and physical wounds inflicted upon warriors by war. By presenting these plays to military audiences, our hope is to de-stigmatize psychological injury and open a safe space for dialogue about the challenges faced by service members, veterans, and their caregivers and families.

It has been suggested that ancient Greek drama was a form of storytelling, communal therapy, and ritual reintegration for combat veterans by combat veterans……

Plays like Sophocles’ Ajax and Philoctetes read like textbook descriptions of wounded warriors, struggling under the weight of psychological and physical injuries to maintain their dignity, identity, and honor…”( this extract has been  quoted from the production company’s website theatre of the war productions.com).


For more information visit them at  www.Facebook.com/TheaterofWar

Pictures of the cast members that stayed at the Harmony Motel.

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