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The Harmony has been a haven and welcome surprise to many travelers over the years. This Roadside Refuge founded in 1952 offers a simple rustic elegance and a great deal of history (including the rock band U2‘s stay here when working on the Joshua Tree album).
This comfortable and charming exterior corridor style motel is built on 1.8 acre hilltop, overlooking the city of Twentynine Palms (minutes away from the downtown of the city). The motels rural and rustic feel complements the Joshua Tree National Park. Harmony Motel is located minutes away from the historical headquarters of the Joshua Tree National Park (the east entrance from Highway 62). Read the entire blog post here

Welcome To The Harmony Motel – Less Than One Mile Away From The Landmark 49 Palms Oasis

One of the five oasis in Joshua Tree National Park

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From Tom W

New Orleans, Louisiana

I recently stayed at the Harmony motel because the accommodations on the Marine Corps base were full, and I wanted a room that had a kitchen. What I discovered was an awesome and overlooked billeting opportunity for travelers to the area. The inn is quiet and has the feel of a small family-operated establishment where you could probably leave your door unlocked all day and be fine. The rooms have a large glass window facing East, giving you the most beautiful sunrises you could ask for. The pool and hot tub are well kept and are PERFECT for the post-workout soak. The staff informed me of a nearby Oasis in Joshua Tree National Park, and twice I ran there and back from the hotel (it’s probably about 7 miles total with some decent elevation changes). The proximity to this awesome, not-so-well-known landmark is one thing that makes me want to stay at the Harmony every time I have to visit 29 Palms. Let’s see….treadmill in a big chain hotel, or desert oasis run right behind your motel? Let’s see…. long unfriendly hallways in a big chain hotel, or a nice table and chairs just outside your door where you can watch the sunrise/sunset and down a bottle of beer/wine? Yep, this little motel wins every time.